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Laurent Durieux x Michael Mann art print

Exclusive illustration by Laurent Durieux ("In the Heat of the Night") for La Septième Obsession #33 based on Michael Mann's Heat (1995) & Collateral (2004). 

Collector art print: 20x24", offset printing on paper 300g, matt varnish, signed and numbered by the artist

Limited edition of 150 copies.


Laurent Durieux x Michael Mann

Laurent Durieux illustrated the cover of La Septième Obsession #33 on Michael Mann & architecture in cinema. At the crossroads between Heat and Collateral, his illustration takes place in an urban & nocturnal atmosphere, at the edge of  inside (the diner) and outside spaces (the street). The composition is entirely governed by the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines, just as an abyssal perspective that sinks into the night, contrasting with the light oasis which illuminates the foreground. 

Laurent Durieux baptized this creation In The Heat Of The Night

In parternship with Laurent Durieux, La Septième Obsession is proud to propose a quality art print, in an exclusive version. 


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