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La Septième Obsession 34 - Animals

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La Septième Obsession 34 (may-june 2021) : Animals. Two covers : Steven Spielberg's Jaws & Alfred Hitchcock's Birds.

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  • Jaws (Spielberg)
  • The Birds (Hitchcock)

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Hauteur 26cm
Largeur 19,5cm
Poids 406g
Papier intérieur 150
Pages 132
Dimensions 21x14,5cm

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106 pages on animals & cinema! Cats, dogs, sharks, octopussies, spiders, squirrels, Steven Spielberg's Jaws, Alfred Hitchcock's Birds, famous animals : Frank the carlin (Men In Black), Razorback, Wanda (A Fish called Wanda), Richard Parker (Life of Pi), veganism, anthropomorphism, hunt, John Wayne's horse…