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Special issue 6 - Twin Peaks

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Special issue #5 - Twin Peaks

2 covers : Twin Peaks: The Return / Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me

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  • Dale Cooper & Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks: The Return)
  • Laura Palmer (Fire Walk With Me)

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Hauteur 26cm
Largeur 19,5cm
Poids 406g
Papier intérieur 150
Pages 132
Dimensions 21x14,5cm

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132 pages on Twin Peaks universe : Fire Walk With Me, Twin Peaks: The Return, characters (Laura Palmer, Dale Cooper, Diane, Audrey Horne, Shelly Johnson, The Man from Anotther Place, The Fireman, BOB, Leland Palmer, Sarah Palmer, Benjamin Horne...), places (Roadhouse, Double R Diner, Ghostwood Forest, Red Room...), objects (magical ring, Palmer's fan, James' motorbike, Laura Palmer's portrait...), exclusive illustrations by Aline Zalko (The New Yorker, The New York Times, Society...)